Our services include:

  • editing:
    • analysis and advice about the overall structural and logical integrity of manuscripts
    • forensic reading of content to ensure that it is accurate and coherent
    • copyediting texts to ensure they are free of grammatical and spelling errors
    • comprehensive electronic styling of documents in preparation for typesetting
  • typesetting:
    • designing typesetting templates and styles, using Adobe InDesign
    • drawing charts, figures and other graphics, using Adobe Illustrator
    • typesetting texts and figures in preparation for output to print and electronic publications
  • production:
    • outputting typeset documents for print and liaising with printers to ensure specifications and timelines are met
    • converting typeset document to portable document format (PDF) and web and EPUB formats
    • ensuring that ebook formats meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility requirements.