Lan Wang graduated from the RMIT Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing with honours and over the last 20 years has worked both inhouse and as a freelancer for trade publishers, government agencies, and academic and non-government organisations.

Her specialty subject areas include: social sciences, psychology, technology, education, biological sciences, Asian studies, humanities.

Her publishing skills include: structural editing, copyediting, writing, typesetting, production management, ebook creation, website development.

The types of publications she has worked on include: textbooks, academic papers, newsletters, annual reports, style guides.

Other skills include: lecturing on editing and publishing at tertiary level, project management, proficiency in using a wide range of publishing software, database development.

Examples of clients: Australian Institute of Family Studies, CSIRO Publishing, Curriculum Corporation, Pearson Australia, Birds Australia, Dorling Kindersley, Australian Drug Foundation.